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Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock Mat

Start everyday off like a champ. The pressure sensitive alarm clock mat uses your body pressure to stop its alarm! Make getting up out of bed and your morning routine effortless. This is the only guaranteed way to beat the morning snooze. Our pressure sensitive alarm clock mat is loud and obnoxious and needs to sense your pressure for 3 seconds in order for the alarm to stop. If 3 seconds isn't enough, set it to 30 seconds!

Wake up to personalized motivational mp3's that reward you for getting out of bed. Simply connect the alarm clock mat via USB and upload using the free software. The incredibly soft and fluffy fabric on the pressure sensitive alarm mat is wrapped around slow-rebounding memory foam guaranteed to keep it's shape.

Product Features:

  • Easy Setup
  • Effective & Minimalistic Style
  • Proprietary Beat The Snooze Technology
  • Personalized Wake Up Music
  • Proven To Form Positive Habits

Material: Flannelette, memory foam
Color: Creamy white
Size: 41cm*37.5cm*3cm
Display Mode: Digital display(low-e cost LED Nixie tubes)
Power: 3 AAA Batteries(not included)
Speaker: Fidelity full range speaker
Pressure sensor: Double sided sliver-conducting film, double layer millisecond senor

1 x Carpet alarm clock