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C Shaped Maternity Pregnancy Pillow

It is hard to nap comfortably when you are in a pregnancy as the big and heavy belly might press your gut or bring pressure to your baby?

With this C shaped belly support pillow designed for Pregnant Women, you allow sleeping peacefully whether sleep faced up or side sleep as this pillow is able to support your back and waist to keep your belly not pressed. You can even put it behind your back to reduce L
ower Back Pain Pregnancy when you are sitting. 


  • Perfect support for your back and baby bump while side sleeping. Enjoy stability and comfort as you nestle between 2 connected pillows.
  • Stretch panel keeps the pillows in place as your bump grows. Since this item is vacuum packed, after opening the package, you need to constantly tap the product so that it returns to a fluffy state.
  • Compact design allows you to sleep comfortably even while travelling. The weight is only 380g, is convenient to carry, and is more space-saving than other pregnant pillows.
  • Versatile little supporter helps you get comfy while sleeping, but also while lounging or sitting. Comfort that lasts from pregnancy through postpartum recovery.



Material: cotton
Removable and Washable: No
Model Number: pregnant pillow