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2 in 1 Garment Duffel Bag

While you can find many great luggage sets to use for your trip, however, usually that sets you purchased didn't include a garment bag, and you have to buy another garment bag for suits separately.

This Modoker Travel Garment Bag solve your issue well. It come in not only an Overnight Travel Weekender Bag, but also can be used as a duffel hanging clothes bag.

Product Highlights:

Modoker 2 in 1 Garment Duffel Bag for Travel Grey Color, 45L

  • More fashion, More convenience
  • A Garment Duffel Bag Bring You Convenient
  • For travelers who is heading for a business trips or weekend getaway
  • Can be hanging to be a Hanging Clothes Bag
  • Be Assemble to be a Weekender Duffel Bag

Great Hanging Garment Bag for Travel:

While open this Modoker Garment Bag and lay it out, it is a great hanging garment bags for travel. With this Modoker Hanging Garment Bag, you can have a wrinkle-free suit or dress at any given time. No Wrinkles Trouble Your Dress or Suits Any More.

Weekender Duffel Bag:
After assembled, this Convertible Garment Bag can be a 45L duffel bag. It works perfect as a travel weekender bag also. For travelers who is going for a weekend trip or drive for a weeding party, this Modoker Garment Bag is a solid choice.

Pocket for Passport:
At the right side of this Modoker Garment Bag, a pocket was designed to meet your require of storing passports and small items like pens, notebook or maps. The keychain inside is detachable so that you can get your keys easily.

Shoes Pouch:
At the left side of this garment duffel bag is a individual Shoes Pouch with exterior zippers. With this built-in extra shoe compartment, you can bring a replacement shoes also. And it keep your shoes separated with other belongings.