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Baby Fruit Fresh Squeezed ( Free 10 Pcs Disposable And 2 Spoon )

Almost destroy your kitchen making some different kinds of baby food? 

Nah, you're so outdated while other moms already using this Baby Food Maker! This Infantino Squeeze Station is so much recommended to buy as it can make your baby food preparation process much easierfaster and cleaner than your own. It can prepare various kinds of baby foods such as juice, yoghurt, mashed potato and so forth. It comes with a squeeze station, 3 tubes, and pouches for you to store the Baby Foods. The pouches are washable and reusable really help to save money and time! Mommies may prepare a large scale of baby food once and store them in the fridge to feed your child anytime and most importantly you may directly give the pouches for them to suck the food out from pouches so you do not have to feed them spoon by spoon by yourself.


  • Easy to operate:Soft rubber pressing, easy to grip, non-slip base.
  • Big capacity :1 squeeze bags can hold 4 ounces of homemade fruit puree
  • Self-mading:Make it yourself, without additives, more loving, interesting, delicious and safe.
  • Convenient :With 10 single-use squeeze bags, it is more convenient to carry out and eat. It can be heated, and can be frozen!
  • Safe :It can be directly contacted with food, non-toxic and harmless,


    Age Group:
     Babies / Kids

    Type: Storage Boxes & Bins
    Use: Food
    Material: ABS
    Age Range: 0-18M
    Material Feature: PVC Free
    Material Feature: Nitrosamine Free
    Material Feature: Latex Free
    Material Feature: Phthalate Free
    Material Feature: BPA Free