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Tired of your hands going numb due to the cold temperatures? It's time you tried a pair of Electric Heated Gloves! 

  • End your battle with the cold with a pair of rechargeable and adjustable Electric Heated Gloves. 
  • Set the temperature as high as 150°F (65°C) with an easy to access soft button that will keep your hands comfortable and most importantly warm. 
  • These gloves are engineered using secure composite fiber heating elements that are made from high-grade materials. Heat your fingers, palm and back of the hand no matter where you are. 

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    Product Features

    • Heats up cold hands in just minutes 
    • Covers your entire hand and provides heating relief to your palm, fingers and the back of the hand
    • Never go numb again thanks to the Electric Heated Gloves
    • Made using high grade materials that make your gloves waterproof and windproof 
    • Manufacturing using lightweight material that makes it breathable and extremely comfortable
    • Great for outdoor sports, riding a motorcycle or just walking through cold temperatures 
    • One size fits all


    • 1 x Electric Heated Gloves