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Baby Sleeping Hammock Swing Hammock

Newborn baby refuses to sleep and keep crying once you put him/her into the crib? That’s because they are lack of the sense of security when they lay on the empty crib! The baby has to take time to adapt to the feeling of not being wrapped as they already used to be in the mother’s womb. This baby hammock can be hung in the crib forms a narrower space for the baby. The narrow space provide them with the feeling like how they felt in the mother’s womb. That’s the womb-like feeling allows them to sleep peacefully as they would feel safe in the hammock! Aren’t you going to get one now?


  • By recreating and mimicking the beneficial properties of the womb, the newborn crib hammock promotes healthy development for babies by taking away dangerous hinges and electronics and recreates the posture they'd be in while in your embrace.
  • The baby crib hammock also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome by giving a softer air-like property for your baby to rest their head on instead of a hard mattress. The crib hammock also helps with other things like maintaining a healthy spinal curve, reducing startle reflex, and creating an ideal micro-climate.


     0-36 Months
    Type: Bouncers, Jumpers & Swings
    Material: cotton
    Model Number: Y20032302
    Pattern Type: striped
    Size: 100*130cm