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Automatic Head Lice Eliminator

Lice are aren't just for children, they can effect anyone at ANY time. They are easily passed onto family and friends and feed bybiting into your scalp to drink your blood.  

Traditional lice removal is difficult, requires harmful chemical pesticides and will normally result in a second infestation. 

Automatic Head Lice Eliminator combines 3 powerful technologies to remove and eliminate all parasites and eggs from the hair and scalp. 

Nano-bind Teeth use positive ions to detach ALL eggs and lice

Vacuum pulls and filters all debris into a confided pouch

UV Light completely eliminates all captured lice and eggs. 

Product Features:

  • 100% Chemical and Pesticide Free. 
  • Safe and stress free with no smelly pesticides, great for children.
  • It won't damage your lungs like the chemical alternatives.
  • Reduces risk of lice returning by 86%
  • Removes and eliminates ALL traces of lice. 

"Theres ALWAYS lice going around at my sons school and this totally removed them first time! No doubt i'll be getting the lice eliminator our next year too!"

Package Included:
1 x Automatic Head Lice Eliminator 
3 x Filters Pouches 
1 x User Manual