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Anti-sagging Cotton Sports Bra

Insufficient chest support may contribute to painand discomfort, stretched skin and ligaments, which may lead to droopy, saggy breasts. 

Anti-sagging Sports Bra instantly lifts and provides ultimate breast support against sagging while keeping an upright posture & seamless look with anything you put on.

The band-like compression-style sports bras hold the breasts tightly & comfortably to your chest and are well-suited for plus-sized women.

Product Features:
Instantly lifts & supports breasts
Maintains a straight posture against rounded back/shoulders
Prevents wrinkled skin due to sagging
Smooths out bra bulges & bra lines
Bra-free, wireless, ultra-comfortable wearing
Air permeable fabric & hollow design
Reduces sweating & boob rashes

Material: Breathable Cotton
Color: Beige / Black / Gray
Size: M / L / XL / XXL
Size Chart:

Package Included:
1PC X Anti-sagging Sports Bra