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Magnetic Window Double Side Glass Wiper Cleaner

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  • This advanced window cleaner is used by professionals to clean the exterior of windows, while staying in the room. 
  • It actually cleans both sides of the windows at the same time with superior cleaning quality.
  • There is no other simple way to clean large exterior windows that are wider than an arms length and on floors above ground level. 
  • Spray cleaning solution on both sides of the window.
  • Hold the larger part of the cleaner on the window inside, then place the smaller part on the outside window.

Material ABS+Magnet+Rubber+Sponge
Size 16*12.3*7cm
Color Blue , Green , Red
Blue Suit for 3-11mm
Green Suit for 5-12mm
Red Suit for 12-24mm
1 x Glass Wiper Cleaner